The Show

Our Medieval show combines action, comedy, and adventure as well as puts the audience right in the action by allowing them to do battle as well. Our Knights are excited and able to travel to your event and make it one that your guests will not soon forget!

In Our Medieval Show We offer:


Live Steel Combat

We offer a live sword fighting show where the two armored knights use real swords to do battle with each other for the entertainment of the audience. These fights are a mixture of both choreographed and improvised fight scenes that are designed to look as real as possible. All swords used are completely blunted on the edges to avoid an injury, and are done in a per-designated arena that will be set up prior to the fight beginning. It is hard for anyone to forget the sounds of two swords clashing right in front of them!



Medieval Storytelling

In addition to our steel combat act we also offer medieval story telling. Where the knights each tell dashing and heroic stories from their past, as well as including the audience by asking them to interact with the stories and play parts as well. From rescuing princesses to slaying dragons, these stories are the perfect way to get the audience into the medieval mindset!






Knightly Delivery Service

The Knightly Delivery Service is an additional service our clients may order if they want to take their event to the next level.  One of our Knights will arrive fully armored (without the sword of course) at the destination, such as a school, or workplace, of your choice and deliver a message, gift, or party invitation to your intended recipient. This service is perfect for birthday party invitations, or if you simply want a gift delivered to that special someone!



Medieval Combat Games

Not only does our audience get to watch medieval combat, but they also get to participate in it! We offer you a chance to jump right in the action by supplying each guest with a special padded training sword (often referred to as “boffers”). These swords are all hand made by our knights and each undergo thorough safety test before being allowed on the battlefield. The guests then use these swords to participate in various battle-based games. The knights act as referees for these games to ensure that everyone is having a safe and fun experience.  These games are the perfect way to not only have fun but exercise as well, and are fun for both children and adults alike.