The Knights

Our Knights have traveled far and wide for a chance to prove their valor, and fight for your honor. They will clash blades to win your hearts and to bring glory to your special event.

Here are the brave souls that do battle for you:


Sir Tristan Leonflame

The Red Knight

Sir Tristan Leonflame hails from a far away kingdom known to many as The Three Rings. He was the son of the Head of the order of The Knight’s Elite and best friend to the future king. When their father’s each passed down their titles to Tristan and The Prince, they began a quest that would unify the neighboring kingdoms and bring peace to the land. Unfortunately, on this quest Tristan and the Prince were ambushed, and the Prince did not make it. Tristan blames himself and now comes to The Realm of the North Coast to seek redemption and to regain his honor.




Sir Liam Greggand

The Blue Knight

Sir Liam Greggand was not born into the lavish and lush life style that many of his brother knights are so accustomed to. He came from a land that was ravished by war, and wild beasts, who terrorized the kingdom for most of his life. With the aid of the other knights of this realm Sir Liam slayed these creatures and his homeland now enjoys a time of peace and prosperity. Sir Liam has come to The Realm of the North Coast to seek out and train brave warriors to aid him and his fellow knights in the defense of this kingdom.