About Us

Our Knights are played by enthusiastic, and trained combatants who have been obsessed with swords and chivalry for their entire lives.

These are the men behind the helmets:

Sol Mallory-McCarty

Sol is a student who is currently living in Fortuna, California. He has studied Theatre Arts at Southern Oregon University, and is currently in Humboldt pursuing a degree in history with a focus on education. Sol was first introduced to medieval combat when he was 11 years old and has been obsessed with it ever since. He is also involved with several medieval fairs, including the local ones.  As a history buff, he loves to travel back to the past and re-live the ancient and honorable  days of the middle ages. Sol also works part time at a dog resort, and is also the Head of Safety for Emerald Empire LARP, the Live-Action Roleplaying Group.

Colin Smithers

Colin is a student who lives in Eureka, California. His parents have been involved in Renaissance fairs for his whole life and taught him the art of fencing as well as steel, and stage combat.  He has ran The Boffer Pit at the Excalbiur Medieval Faire for many years and loves to teach medieval combat to the next generation. Colin has also been involved with the local boffer community here in Humboldt for many years.