The Games

Medieval Combat Games

Not only does our audience get to watch medieval combat, but they also get to participate in it! We offer you a chance to jump right in the action by supplying each guest with a special padded training sword (often referred to as “boffers”). These swords are all hand made by our knights and each undergo thorough safety test before being allowed on the battlefield. The guests then use these swords to participate in various battle-based games. The knights act as referees for these games to ensure that everyone is having a safe and fun experience.  These games are the perfect way to not only have fun but exercise as well, and are fun for both children and adults alike.


How Combat Works

Combat rules are simple. If you get hit in the arm with a sword you must put that arm behind your back, if you get hit in the leg you must hop on the other leg or go down on one knee. If you get hit in both legs you must walk on your knees, and if you get hit in both arms then you should probably run away! If you get hit in the torso or back are dead, and must then either run back to the base point, or wait until the next round starts depending on what game you are playing.  We operate the games using the “lightest touch” rule to avoid people swinging too hard and head shots are not allowed to avoid injury.